BEETHOVEN 5th Symphony: Finale – Savannah Philharmonic conducted by Peter Shannon from Eric Nauert on Vimeo.

This is a promotional video for The Savannah Philharmonic. We used three cameras during the performance–two Canon 6ds in the wings and a Canon T3i in the far rear of the theater.

Shot by Eric Nauert, Maria Dixon and Irene McCollam
Edited by Eric Nauert
Produced by Perpombellar Productions


In October of 2013, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame) dropped by Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia, to sing at the Savannah Folk Music Festival. He was joined by his son, Christopher, who accompanied on the washtub bass. Later, Peter visited with Russell Wells, host of Music Americana for Georgia Public Broadcasting. They talked about the old songs, the good times, memories of Mary Travers, and Peter’s endeavor to bring peace and civility to young people through his organization called Operation Respect. It has been my great privilege to shoot and edit this video. I hope you enjoy it!
-Eric Nauert-

Produced by Perpombellar Productions

ODONOGHUE TOURS PROMO from Eric Nauert on Vimeo.

In the summer of 2012, Perpombellar Productions followed Irish folksinger Harry O’Donoghue through Ireland. Our focus was primarily on   Northern Ireland…a place of stunning beauty.

Harry O’Donoghue – vocals
Music produced by Gabriel Donohue
Shot and edited by Eric Nauert

You can find out more about Harry O’Donoghue at

Produced by Perpombellar Productions

ORLANDO MONTOYA-PATREON VIDEO from Perpombellar Productions on Vimeo.

Orlando Montoya is an interviewer and storyteller living in Savannah, Georgia. He is the creator of Savannah Podcast ( In an effort to sustain this story-rich podcast, Orlando is seeking patrons through the website Patreon. This video provides a visual platform for this request.

The video was written by Orlando Montoya. It was directed and produced by Eric Nauert at Perpombellar Productions. The music was written and performed by Ricardo Ochoa (V Mountain) at, and by Kevin MacLeod (Fast Talkin’) at

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SCRIBBLE ART STUDIO promo from Eric Nauert on Vimeo.

Savannah’s Scribble Art Studio provides a positive, high energy, creative space for young people discovering the arts. Owner and instructor Carrie Christian captured this video of her students, busy at work. She then brought the video along with some examples of the artwork itself to Perpombellar Productions, hoping we could put the pieces together in a production that would be informative for parents, but also entertaining for kids. Carrie selected that easy-going, upbeat music titled “Mining by Moonlight,” written by Kevin MacLeod at  I provided the editing, motion graphics and a bit of color correction. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed putting it all together! Thanks for watching!

Eric Nauert
Perpombellar Productions

Antigone’s Song from Perpombellar Productions on Vimeo.

ANTIGONE’S SONG is Perpombellar’s post-apocalyptic music video loosely based on the Ancient Greek myth of Antigone. In the film, potable water is scarce, so Antigone and her tribe must move about the moribund city of Savannah in search of “Fresh.” When Antigone’s brother is murdered by her uncle, and his body left on the ground to rot, she rises up against the code of the tribe and attempts to give her sibling a decent burial.
Written, Directed and Edited by Eric Nauert
Produced by Will Hammargren and Nathaniel Nauert
Assistant Writers/Editors: Nathaniel Nauert, Will Hammargren, Jody Schiesser and Sarah Milton.
Sound Design by Eric Nauert
“Antigone’s Song” is an original song written by Eric Nauert
Vocals by Kelly Rogers, Guitar by Eric Nauert
Executive Producer: Eric Nauert
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Renfield’s Syndrome from Perpombellar Productions on Vimeo.

In 2009, Perpombellar Productions entered and won Savannah’s first 48 Hour Film Project with RENFIELD’S SYNDROME (Best Acting, Best Writing, Best Directing, and Best Movie). The film stars Charlie Ribbens, Kelly Rogers, Stephen Cyr and a host of other thirsty talents. Written and directed by Nathaniel and Eric Nauert. Cinematography by Nathaniel Nauert. Produced by Robin Wright Gunn. Executive Producers: Eric Nauert, Nathaniel Nauert and Jody Schiesser.
SYNOPSIS: Renfield’s Syndrome is a mockumentary about the occasionally disturbing and frequently annoying underground vampire community of Savannah, Georgia.
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ALLAN LANDER in the film TRUMPET MY RETURN from PERPOMBELLAR PRODUCTIONS from Perpombellar Productions on Vimeo.

This is Allan Lander playing the part of Isaac McKnight in the upcoming film TRUMPET MY RETURN from Perpombellar Productions. In the film Allan plays a retired magician and New Age radio host. In real life, Allan was bigger than any part he played. Brilliant, witty, dashing, a wildly entertaining conversationalist, and a warm and generous man–the world could use more men like him. Dear Allan, we will remember you.